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With davincitravels you can count on decades of experience, passion and hobbies of its professionals.

Finely selected Itineraries, experienced first hand by our skilled tour guides, organizers and local guides (turned out to be friends) who are truly knowledged and fond of their own land.

Our focus is excellence, both in beauty and culture.

DVT operates solely online, with no printed catalogues.
DVT's main office is in Florence, and our headquarter is a “culture depot”, storing artistic manufacts from Tuscany, post-industial designed objects, travel instruments and maps.
It's a hangout of events and meetings, expecially concerning art and fashion.

Massimo Taddei

Massimo Taddei

(Florence- Vinci)
About me: 60years old, Tuscan, always been interested in history of religions and folkloric traditions. Keen to provide elegant journeys allowing the exploration and living the essence at reasonable prices and with fine logistics. Excellence in beauty and culture.
Education: Graduation in Sociology and Phd in Philosophy.
Hobbies: discovery of symbolic architecture, literature, food & food culture.
Experience: over 60 long trips around the world. Organized hundreds of groups in Italy and Europe.
Write to me in: English, Italian.

Beatrice di Tomizio

Beatrice Di Tomizio

About me: Born and raised in Florence. Worked in Italy and England on publishing houses and graphic agencies. Insane passion for english and italian languages. Art lover, writes about travels for two magazines. Owner of a website on food allergies and founder of an art and multimedia club.
Education: Art College (graduated in Graphic arts), board certified in computer graphics and desktop publishing.
Hobbies: finding and experiencing beauty in all its forms.
Experience: traveled through Europe (mostly by motorbike), North America and part of Middle East.
Write to me in: English, Italian.

Andrea Serena

Andrea Serena

Born and bred in Venice Andrea has a degree from the Ca'Foscari University in Philosophy and a Master in History of Venetian Poetry and Teather. Andrea is our Venice office and will welcome you allowing you to get to know the secrets of Venice. Historical monuments, gondolas, small squares (campielli), lagoon islands, calle (streets along the canals), the historic Jewish ghetto, Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal. You will meet the historical crafts of the Venetians, Murano and Burano, the food, the wines, and the cicchetti (aperitives). Andrea will not leave you at midday with him often at night you walk through the streets of Venice with only the full moonlight. 
Write to me in English or Venetian dialect.

Tiziana Ripepi

Tiziana Ripepi

About me: expertise in religious architectures and art history. Excellent in selecting for each traveler or group the best itinerary for the time at their disposal.
Education: Graduation in Classics in Turin and Phd in Ancient Languages (Rome). Experienced and cultured in languages of India and contributed research papers on religion. Valued essayist, has lectured several times on language topics.
Experience: high level professional tour leader and estimated travel organizer for over two decades.
Write to me in: Hindi, English, French, Italian.

Giorgia Cantele

Giorgia Cantele

About me: member of a Venician group of professionals in art tourism field.
Education: Classics. Degree in Christian art history (Vicenza, Palladio's hometown). Graduated as chef at Venetian Gourmet School (Venice).
Hobbies: loves to share italian culture and prestige abroad, in 2006 was entitled Cavaliere della Repubblica from the italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi for this merit.
Experience: highly skilled tour guide and travel organizer. Worked at Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia University and Italian Cultural Centre as italian language teacher and cultural events' organizer (10years)
Write to me in: English, Italian.


Julia Chaoxian Hu

About me: travel planner. Excellent knowledge of Italy while member of the Florence and Prato's chinese communities. Amazingly thorough about journey's details and in the purpose of offering a lavish, intense experience when it comes to organize a trip to Italy and to its excellences as history, art, Fashion, Interior Design, wine and food.
Experience: Skilled in planning visits to factories, ateliers, laboratories where the real “Made in Italy” springs. Keeps relationships with italian universities for cultural exchanges.
Write to me in: Mandarin, English, Italian


Denise Calì

(Catania Sicily)
Born in Sicily, graduated in Classical Archaeology at the University of Catania. Phd Medieval Archaeology from the University of Salerno. I have worked in archaeological fieldworks in North Africa, Greece and Italy for a decade, since I decided to change my life sharing my passion and knowledge with other people as a tour guide. Archaeology allowed me to travel a lot across Europe and even brought me several times to United States and Mexico. Touring Sicily with visitors to me is like to tell about myself, my past and origins of a culture to which I belong.
Write to me in English, Spanish, Italian

Miriam Taddei

Miriam Taddei

About me: born and raised in Tuscany in an international family.
Education: Degree in Modern Languages and Translation (French and German) in Hull, UK.
Experience: travelled through some interesting contries such as India, Iran. Morocco. Fond of Damascus (Syria) where she lived and studied before the civil war took place. She boasts a good experience as Cabin Crew Manager of a european air company.
Write to me in: English, French, German, Italian


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